Workplaces Beyond Rules

After the release of Productive Anywhere, a couple of readers asked me about my favorite place to get things done. Over the last few years, dozens of spots have been my home and my workplace, but which of them did I prefer? As with many tough questions, it’s probably better to start at the opposing… Continue reading Workplaces Beyond Rules

Chris Guillebeau on Being Productive (and Idle!) Anywhere

Yes! I managed to do the impossible: I got Chris Guillebeau, probably the most productive traveler on this planet, to admit that he could relate to the concept of idleness as described here on TFA! Idlers, rejoice: Even productivity mavens know the value of disconnecting, relaxing, and letting the idle brain do its job! Of… Continue reading Chris Guillebeau on Being Productive (and Idle!) Anywhere

Productive Anywhere is Back!

“Remember, Remember, the 5th of November…” Yes, it’s true! That day! Here it is… again! This means: The Friendly Anarchist is now two years old! What an exciting time it was! We went from zero to more than 3000 monthly visitors on this site, all by writing extremely long (and some surprisingly short) posts on… Continue reading Productive Anywhere is Back!