Good Reads, Crowdfunding Edition

First things first: My online friend and MoSho guest Markus Freise is crowdfunding his new book. The main product is already funded, but now even an important stretch goal is within reach. All he needs is a handful of new backers, and it would be marvelous to get some support from abroad. Maybe you can… Continue reading Good Reads, Crowdfunding Edition

Link: The Coming (Carfree) Artistic Revolution

I’ve been holding a driver’s license since 1999, but rarely ever used it. If I’ve driven more than 7.000 kilometers since then I’d be surprised, and this includes 3.000+ kilometres on one single trip to France back in 2000, and another 2.000 kilometres just three weeks ago, from the most-Northern part of Germany all the… Continue reading Link: The Coming (Carfree) Artistic Revolution

Long Haul Reinvention, Thinking in Public, and the Idle Computer

Over the last few weeks, I was happy to stumble on a few familiar topics on other places around the internet. To begin with, it looks like James Altucher beats me when it comes to the long haul: Time it takes to reinvent yourself: five years. Here’s a description of the five years: Year One:… Continue reading Long Haul Reinvention, Thinking in Public, and the Idle Computer

Link: Can We Make Ourselves Happier?

Sure can. Few surprises in this article (even in the “surprising findings” section), but maybe a few things to comment on: “In order to lead a happy life, a rewarding life, you need to be active,” says Veenhoven. “So involvement is more important to happiness than knowing the why, why we are here.” Good to… Continue reading Link: Can We Make Ourselves Happier?

Good Reads, This-Time-of-the-Year-Again Edition

It’s this time of the year again!™  Why not make it Christmas at your own pace – maybe for the first time in your life? Something like natale giusto… My Italian isn’t to be trusted, but the idea behind it would be having a suitable Christmas. Suitable for you, that is: No stress, no frills,… Continue reading Good Reads, This-Time-of-the-Year-Again Edition