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Just when you thought your headache would kill you, you grimly look around your room and you hear a sound: *Ping* At the time this gets posted by a friendly robot, even those of you trying to recolonize Howland Island (at UTC-12!) are welcoming the new year. If you’re reading this, you made it out […]


David D. Cain on how the person you used to be still tells you what to do: [We tend to] view our own beliefs as if they are real knowledge. I hadn’t realized how crusty and obsolete my impression of “dance music” was. In reality, since I’d last actively considered it, the sun had risen […]

Idleness is Everywhere!

Not Lazy. Not Procrastinating. Idle.

When doing my research for Productive Anywhere, I had the chance to interview Raam Dev, who is currently traveling around the United States, embracing a slower pace of life, writing, and deliberately living on a small budget. After finishing the interview, we talked a bit more about our observations and experiences within the work-fetishizing Western […]

A Slow Revolt

And then came the day when some of us understood that all we had known about time was wrong. It’s not precise, it’s not objective, it’s not limited. It’s not about being first, outrunning others, or even getting somewhere faster. This was the day we would just drop out and start to live life at […]