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You’ve reached The Friendly Anarchist, which is rather cool. Because I like to meet new readers, and you like to read interesting stuff. Or that’s what I suppose, at least.

But: This blog has been in existence ever since late 2009,  and the last time I checked, there were more than 140 posts published. They’ll probably make up a good three or four books altogether, so you probably won’t want to read them all at once. This is why I’ve created this little page. It gives you an overview on the topics so far and recommends some of the best and most popular articles.

The Top 5

If you’d like to see if The Friendly Anarchist is for you, here are the five most popular posts on the site:

My Best Posts By Topic

Personal Sovereignty and Life Beyond Rules

Real Productivity (…that actually allows you to do cool stuff – and not just busywork!)

In Defense of Idleness and Living Life At Your Own Pace

Life on the Road (…including the lessons learnt from being a nomad since 2008)

Building a Friendly Business (…based on your art and passion)

Unmarketing Yourself

Still Want More?

Check the complete archives!

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