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The 3-Step Guide to Tempo Giusto Business

Do one small thing right now. Relax. No third step required. P.S. Some Background to this Snarky Post In business, it’s easy to freak out. Especially if we’re pinched for money. Especiallisimo if we’re small and seemingly unimportant to the overall turning of the world. The common recommendation to avoid feelings of smallness is to […]

Hell is a Second

If time is relative, the same may be true for Heaven and Hell. Many people think we are here for a reason: We are here to create something, to let something out that’s already inside us, to “become who we are”. So here’s a thought: Depending on how good we manage to do that, and […]

A Slow Revolt

And then came the day when some of us understood that all we had known about time was wrong. It’s not precise, it’s not objective, it’s not limited. It’s not about being first, outrunning others, or even getting somewhere faster. This was the day we would just drop out and start to live life at […]

You Are Here, Now

You is not a buzzword. You is not a marketing trick. You is not an affiliate link. You are the person reading this, sitting somewhere on this beautiful planet, in a very real place, in a very real moment in time. It’s you (Yes! You!), here, now. Are is not a buzzword. Are is not […]

Maloca in the Amazon

Ready to Celebrate

I heard the cries from the forest. Far away at first, damped by the noise of the cicadas, ((A marvelous noise, by the way. Click that link and listen to tracks number 7 and 16 to get an idea.)) but approaching fast. The cries were human: They originated from people that were coming nearer, and […]