You Are Here, Now

You is not a buzzword.
You is not a marketing trick.
You is not an affiliate link.

You are the person reading this, sitting somewhere on this beautiful planet, in a very real place, in a very real moment in time. It’s you (Yes! You!), here, now.

Are is not a buzzword.
Are is not a marketing trick.
Are is not an affiliate link.

Are is the second-person singular of the verb “to be”. “To be” is to exist; it means: to have real existence. You have real existence, here, now.

Here is not a buzzword.
Here is not a marketing trick.
Here is not an affiliate link.

Here is where you are at the moment, it’s where you have real existence. Chances are you are here by choice. Ultimately, you have total freedom of self, and you can go wherever you want!

(Even if you were a prisoner, you could still leave your here. You could leave your situation behind by forging escape plans, by chumming up with the guards, by digging a tunnel into freedom with a spoon.)

Now is not a buzzword.
Now is not a marketing trick.
Now is not an affiliate link.

Now is this very moment that you are living, reading this. And I am incredibly grateful for that. I am grateful that you are here, now.

But now can slip.

Now becomes the past. Now becomes the moment of lost opportunities, of not jumping in. The moment of dreaming your life, instead of living your dream.

Now contains all the human potential in the world, and it invites you to make the best of it.

There’s only one person who can decide about that, though. And there’s only one place to do it. And one moment in time. (You know it already, don’t you?)

You. Here. Now.

P.S. And yes! You can work on your 23 posts, your 5 books, your 3 collaborative adventures, or your 1 service offering. But you can also simply have a glass of bourbon. “Life is Short: Might as well enjoy stuff!” – You certainly got permission for that!

P.P.S. Comments on TFA are still behaving weird. They should go through though, despite any error messages. If you feel they don’t, please shoot me an email: fabian (at) friendlyanarchist [dot] com! I appreciate it!


    1. Thanks! :)
      It’s from a three-hour trip to Santa Rosa, Peru. We had one of the most delicious lunches of my life at that place (Amazon river fish with a spicy sauce), a cold beer, and then crossed the river back to Colombia… because the whole village was under water and we couldn’t explore it further! :)

  1. Wow, you make me want to drop everything and have a glass of bourbon at 8am in the morning! Alas, I don’t drink bourbon. Bloody Marys on the other hand….:)

  2. Thank you all! :)

    @Kee Kee, bourbon at 8am would be a tough start, so some tomato juice (with a hint of vodka?!?) would certainly be better… ;)

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