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From Serfdom to Freedom

The terrorists. The government. The opposition. The corporations. The protestors. The system. The censors. The religions. The neighbor’s horrible music that doesn’t let us sleep: There are many suspects when it comes to identifying enemies of freedom. Unfortunately, for those of us who are lucky to live in the richer parts of the world, the biggest […]

You Are Here, Now

You is not a buzzword. You is not a marketing trick. You is not an affiliate link. You are the person reading this, sitting somewhere on this beautiful planet, in a very real place, in a very real moment in time. It’s you (Yes! You!), here, now. Are is not a buzzword. Are is not […]

Two Kinds of Freedom

Here’s the kind of freedom I’m not interested in: It’s the freedom to choose between other people’s options. Some examples: The freedom to buy one brand of shampoo or another. The freedom of flextime, choosing to enter a job either at 8am or 9am. The freedom of fashion, showing good taste by choosing Apple over […]