“Everything I do is a joy. And that’s the way it’s oughta be.”

I wanted to live like a hermit, but also make it really cool. Like the coolest kid fort you have ever seen.

So while we’re all going crazy about the new iPhone, here’s a guy who lives in a kind of hobbit hut somewhere in Oregon. He’s called the “Hobo Artist” and the video is a perfect Sunday watch, full of interesting buildings ((Also, the Hobo Artist is playing a kind of steel drum called “hand pans”. If you have never heard it, this might be a revelation on its own. I for one am lost on Youtube. (And he’s a great graphic artist, too.) )) and insights on living a simpler life:

Coming from the photography days, I learned how to edit. And I think I have edited my life all along. […] The secret in life is: Have very few things – but the things you have are really killer.

I quite agree with his notion that “having way less makes life way more of an adventure.” Go watch the video here.