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Work as Procrastination

We can define all kinds of things as procrastination: Surfing the web, walking the dog, doing the dishes. How about work? Seldom do we see work as procrastination. But isn’t work often a form of procrastination, preventing us from doing what we actually should be doing? A few things come to mind, in escalating order: […]

How to Live 100 Years

Psst, today is Beyond Rules Day! Go to Amazon and grab a free copy of my first book! (Details at the bottom of this post.) Here’s the story of a lung cancer patient who was given six months to live and decided to go to his native Greek island to die: Six months came and […]

The Bell

The Buddhist monks around Thich Nhat Hanh have a custom in their Plum Village Monastery in Southern France. Every once in a while, a bell is struck ((Or: “Invited” as they prefer to call it, because of the inherent violence in the verb “to strike”.)) in order to remind everybody to stop whatever they were […]

You Are Here, Now

You is not a buzzword. You is not a marketing trick. You is not an affiliate link. You are the person reading this, sitting somewhere on this beautiful planet, in a very real place, in a very real moment in time. It’s you (Yes! You!), here, now. Are is not a buzzword. Are is not […]

Your Life, Your Pace, Your Rules

Recently, Abubakar Jamil asked me to write about the life lessons I learned so far, in order to contribute to a huge series he is hosting on the topic. While I feel a bit too young to look back in retrospect and share the ultimate wisdom, there are some lessons I have learned that will […]