Work as Procrastination

We can define all kinds of things as procrastination: Surfing the web, walking the dog, doing the dishes. How about work?

Seldom do we see work as procrastination. But isn’t work often a form of procrastination, preventing us from doing what we actually should be doing?

A few things come to mind, in escalating order:

  1. Getting to inbox zero instead of working on project X.
  2. Working on project X instead of working on the much more important project Y.
  3. Working on project Y instead of solving a long-standing conflict with a co-worker.
  4. Solving that conflict instead of taking over the groundbreaking project Z in the other department.
  5. Taking over project Z instead of quitting your job and living the life you secretly wished for during the last 20 years.


(See also: Procrastinate on Tasks, Not on Your Life. The post image shows my friend Lourenço, who gets this stuff just right.)

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