Just when you thought your headache would kill you, you grimly look around your room and you hear a sound:


At the time this gets posted by a friendly robot, even those of you trying to recolonize Howland Island (at UTC-12!) are welcoming the new year. If you’re reading this, you made it out of 2014 alive and kicking!

That’s more than most people can say. Specifically, you’re better off than about 56 million people – who saw the dawn of 2014, but didn’t have the chance to see its end. Not to mention our 100 billion human ancestors who died even earlier.

You may not be a part of the “one percent” but – if you’re reading this – you’re at least part of the 6.5 percent of humans who ever saw the light of day and made it to 2015.


Enjoy curing your hangover!

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