Productive Anywhere is Back!

“Remember, Remember, the 5th of November…”

Yes, it’s true! That day! Here it is… again! This means: The Friendly Anarchist is now two years old! What an exciting time it was! We went from zero to more than 3000 monthly visitors on this site, all by writing extremely long (and some surprisingly short) posts on idleness, action, and living an interesting life!

Thank you all for being here!

This second year has been especially interesting, as it was the year I wrote my first book, Beyond Rules, and then created my first e-guide, Productive Anywhere.

Productive Anywhere was released in a special “founding buyers” edition back in September, in order to gather some feedback before releasing the full edition.

And thankfully, the feedback was very positive! As it turned out, people not only called it insane and ridiculous, they told me it was insanely useful and ridiculously cheap!

Some of them begged me to raise the price. (Well, one of them did. True story!) Some of them told me the Toolbox alone was worth the money. (That’s probably exaggerated. But the toolbox is pretty cool, I think.) And all of them who read it certainly became much more productive!

Not one of them told me it sucked!

Which is probably a good sign.

And now, Productive Anywhere got even better!

Apart from the 28.000 (or 180-page!) Core Guide, the Toolbox, and the four expert interviews in MP3 format, I just finished to create a pretty nice update:

  • I developed an Anti-Overwhelm Guide to get you started easier than ever!
  • All the interviews come with transcripts now for those of you who don’t like to listen to MP3s.
  • The (Mighty!) Toolbox was enhanced and now features all the best applications for productivity and GTD, communication, travel-booking and much, much more.

I really believe this is a very nice piece of work!

Get it now!

So, without any further ado, here it is – just in time for TFA’s second birthday: The full edition of Productive Anywhere.1)

For the sake of simpleness, you can buy it right here, blindly. Just because you trust me that it’s cool stuff and worth your 39 bucks. (It is!)

Alternatively, you can go here to read the sales page in which I relentlessly use all the shady marketing tricks I could find in order to persuade you to buy it. That will probably be more fun for you, but it will also take some of your precious time that could be used to read the guide. And to start implementing some of the useful tips right away!

Anyway, your choice.

But whatever you do, buy it!

(Ehem. Or don’t. I will still like you if you don’t, as long as you are a nice person. But I would appreciate it!)

For now, a happy 5th of November, wherever you are!

We are living in interesting times. If there ever was a great moment to take life back into our own hands, adapt a mobile lifestyle, and become productive anywhere, it’s now!

Thanks for being a part of this!

  1. I hesitate to keep calling it the “final” edition, because this is a living product: As I learn new stuff, encounter new and useful tools, or interview more people, the guide will continue to receive updates. (Those updates will be free for every buyer, just in case you wondered. []


  1. Looks brilliant, keen to buy it as gift for my son. Is it any kind of hard copy for the printed part in the UK?


    1. Hey Robin,

      Thanks for your interest in PA! I just sent you an email with a more detailed answer, but for anybody else interested: There currently isn’t a print edition abvailable, but the PDFs are free of any kind of digital rights management, so they can easily be printed at home for starters. I might create a print edition at some later point, though. :)

  2. So very rejoiced in my heartwells and soullakes to see your website, after following links from The Daily Drumbeat. Hope will you check out my site and see how I am ecstatically posting 5-6 days a week and rejoicing in re-joining the community of writers after at least 20 years hiatus. Truly, wisdom is a pricless jewel in the armband of aging! I know I will be learning a lot and hope to order your book soon (adding to my Christmas wish list with family!)

    1. Thanks so much, Rose! It’s great to see you are taking up writing again after such a long time! I’m sure the blogging community will be a great outlet! Keep those posts coming! :)

  3. Hey Fabian, stumbled upon your website today and just wanted to say I really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to digging into what you have to offer, etc. Thanks for your good work. :) Cheers!


    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Dayne, I’m glad to hear that! Enjoy your time here on TFA and if you have any questions, always feel free to holler! :)

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