Pieces of Vienna

After last weeks post, a couple of people asked me to see some impressions of the wonderful city of Vienna, Austria. Obviously, I’m more than happy to share a couple of photos with you! As always, they are showing my personal vision (my “passion for light”) rather than the side of the city a marketing department would probably want to sell you. I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway!

In other news, the full edition of Productive Anywhere is almost finished! It will be released on Saturday, TFA’s second birthday! Of course, I will publish all the details here over the weekend, so if you’re interested in working from the road, stay tuned!

But now, let’s dive into some pieces of Vienna!


  1. I was delighted with the post about procrastination… a friend retweeted it, I opened the post and it changed my day!! Just as I thought it was enough…I ran into this post on Vienna and these amazing shots! Thank you very much 4 sharing! I am heading for Vienna at the end of the month…I got thrilled with the pics.

    1. Hey Simone, thanks for your kind words! Glad to hear you enjoyed the post and the pictures! :)
      Have a great time in Vienna!

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