Onto the Road

I just love my readers. I.e.: You!

Last week, I wrote about how I understand productivity as empowerment, how I got started with TFA, and how the way led me to creating my first product for the site, Productive Anywhere. I offered to chat about it with Jonathan Mead, in order to give you a better idea of what’s it all about.

Your response was amazing! Thank you for all your sign-ups, comments, mails, and words of encouragement! I deeply appreciate them!

Jonathan was hooked, too, so we made the call, and we had a lot of fun doing it. We talked about:

  • The biggest problems I encountered when starting to work on the road
  • How there are no typical days for many people working on the road (but how you can still create some routines, if you wish to!)
  • The downsides of productivity systems and applications
  • The three elements of being productive anywhere

I’ll send the record out to all of you who signed up on the weekend!

There’s one more thing, though. ((As Steve Jobs would have said in his heydays!)) I promised “to take it even further” if the demand was there… and indeed, it was! So I decided to create a tiny little (yet hugely useful) mini guide for free, that also includes the opportunity to get a 10% discount on the upcoming product!

This free guide is called “Onto the Road – Five Small Tricks to Unbucket Your Bucket List”, and it’s all about finding simple ways to get motivated, free up some time, and then start to actually do the things on your bucket list, instead of just writing them down!

I will send this guide out together with the interview this weekend, so if you’re not on the “productive anywhere” list yet, you might want to use the opportunity to get on it now!

Update, September 16th: Signups are closed now! Thanks for your interest!

For now, a happy day to all of you!

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