Everything Done on Your To-Do List, with Time to Travel the World Before Dinner

What would you do if your life was an open-ended round-the-world trip?

If you could travel freely, explore new places, meet new people, all while working on projects and things that matter to you, at your own pace?

  • Maybe you would write the next Great American Novel.
  • Maybe you would get involved at NGOs around the planet.
  • Maybe you would start your own web design business.
  • Maybe you would commit a 110% percent to building a career as a photographer.

Why not start with right here, right now?

You probably already have the skills and knowledge you need in order to do what you would like to do. And even if you don’t have them yet, you know where to get them.

But can you really pull it off?

I bet you can.

But that’s not enough.

You have to bet on it, too.

And in order to do that, you need to be sure you’ll be able to do it your way. You need to be sure you’ve got an approach that allows you to get things done, and get them done no matter what and no matter where.

You need to be productive anywhere.

As a regular reader of The Friendly Anarchist, you already know where I’m going with this: After many months of working on it, I finally finished a preview edition of my first product for you: Productive Anywhere.

Productive Anywhere is a friendly e-guide that shows you how to get organized and work from the road. Its core is the 28.000-word Core Guide that offers a holistic approach to productivity: It covers everything from mindset and spirit, over the intellectual concepts of Getting Things Done, down to the practical tools and software that you need as a productive traveler. Productive Anywhere also comes with four 30-minute expert interviews, and a toolbox with an overview of the software you need to work and travel anywhere.

Sales will only be open until Wednesday, September 21st. After that, I’ll be creating a couple of updates and additions based on your feedback, before launching the final edition in October.

I’d love to invite you to become a founding buyer, getting an exclusive preview of the final product, unlimited free updates, and a 25% discount here and now.

Update: Thanks to all the funding buyers!! Sales are currently closed and will open again later in October! Go here to get all the details!

If this product is not for you, no worries. There will be much more free stuff coming here on TFA, and I’m happy to have you as a reader.

If you want to help me out, please spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, and invite people over! I’d deeply appreciate it!