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At Work: Joel Runyon (Impossible HQ)

As announced last week, here’s the first post in a new TFA series: The At Work interviews! Today, we’ll meet my blogging friend Joel Runyon of Boing Boing and Oprah fame. In this At Work interview, Joel talks about his different focuses and his daily schedule. Let’s jump right into it! Hey Joel! Overall, what […]

“Balance Entrepreneurship and Anti-Consumerism” (A Conversation with Melanie Orndorff)

Over a couple of mails and months, I was lucky to have an interesting (and totally tempo giusto) conversation with WordPress hero and long-term freelancer, Melanie Orndorff. We talked about new ways to approach a career, location-independence, the relationship between freelancing and micro-entrepreneurship, and how hard it is to avoid getting employed. This is the […]

Interview with Jonathan Mead on Getting Paid to Exist

This was probably the first time that Jonathan Mead got interviewed while a tropical thunderstorm was going on in the background. The result: No electricity in my barrio (3G wireless plus a fully charged laptop battery saved the day!), three dropped calls, a tiny little bit of white noise, and a lot of fun. This […]

“Get Disorganised” (An Interview with Robert Wringham)

After many attempts, I finally managed to find a cellphone company that offers 3G access out here in the village, so I am happy to present you today this interview with writer, performer and escapologist extraordinnaire, Robert Wringham. I found out about Robert’s endeavors online, and have since been in touch with him, contributing a […]