Cliffhangers and Hangovers

As we prepare for the arrival of Bolon Yokte’ K’uh and the end-date of the 5125-year-long cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar on December 21 (which might also be the end of the world as we know it), I met my good friend and accountability partner Milo McLaughlin to record a podcast “before it’s too late”.

Listen in to hear the “view from Europe” on work and idleness in 2012, the beauty of doing reviews, filing cabinets, Siri versus pen & paper, New Year’s resolutions that never fail, and why we prefer cliffhangers over hangovers.

Show notes


  1. That’s because I was up until 4am playing The Walking Dead game on the iPhone. Perhaps it is more of a distraction than a productivity device after all…

    1. Must be due to my latin name and my preference of hanging out in the Caribbean! :)
      Merry Christmas to you too, Michael!

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