Michael Nobbs At Work: “Discipline within what’s possible”

Michael NobbsTime is running and it’s At Work day once again! A few weeks ago I was so lucky to talk to illustrator and blogger Michael Nobbs about his auto-pilot GTD system, doing creative work despite having little energy (or time), discipline, and the advantages of having a sofa in the studio.

Listen in to the recording of our conversation right here: Michael Nobbs At Work – Interview

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Links and Resources

Here are links to the resources mentioned in the interview:


  1. Great interview, Fabian! It was incredibly interesting, and I’ve never heard of Michael before, but I find a lot of relevance to his situation, and will definitely check him out. Thanks for the interesting things you often help me find.

    R. Silver

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, R.! Michael’s work is really inspiring plus he’s a wonderful person. Highly recommended to follow him. :)

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