Mountain Shores #5: Summer (Un)Productivity

I’m admittedly late with this, but our most recent episode of Mountain Shores went live last week! Leveraging our proverbial discipline, we gathered with the wonderful Michael Nobbs on one of the warmest days of the year (so far!) to chat about summer productivity, social media sabbaticals, schedules, sleep patterns and self-depletion. We talked about… Continue reading Mountain Shores #5: Summer (Un)Productivity

Mountain Shores #3: Cakes and Slow Travel

Our podcast baby has a name, finally! Started as a wee experiment, we’re glad to bring you Mountain Shores episode 3, recorded with my co-host Milo McLaughlin and our regular guest (let’s me honest: our co-host honorem causa) Michael Nobbs. In a premiere, we met up in real life – in order to attend Chris… Continue reading Mountain Shores #3: Cakes and Slow Travel

Mountain Shores and Tiny Steps

As I was busy traveling through Colombia, diving deeply into my research on the topic of creative idleness, Milo McLaughlin and I found a working wi-fi signal and some time to record a follow-up episode to our surprisingly successful December podcast. Listen in to hear my deplorable attempts to command the English language when describing… Continue reading Mountain Shores and Tiny Steps

Michael Nobbs At Work: “Discipline within what’s possible”

Time is running and it’s At Work day once again! A few weeks ago I was so lucky to talk to illustrator and blogger Michael Nobbs about his auto-pilot GTD system, doing creative work despite having little energy (or time), discipline, and the advantages of having a sofa in the studio. Listen in to the recording… Continue reading Michael Nobbs At Work: “Discipline within what’s possible”