Mountain Shores and Tiny Steps

As I was busy traveling through Colombia, diving deeply into my research on the topic of creative idleness, Milo McLaughlin and I found a working wi-fi signal and some time to record a follow-up episode to our surprisingly successful December podcast.

Listen in to hear my deplorable attempts to command the English language when describing the beautiful city of Medellín1, and our thoughts on the beginning of 2013.

Then, say hello to our very special guest Michael Nobbs! We talked with Michael about theming every month of the year, reflection and planning, the usefulness of even tiny creative steps, and about his new (work)book that inspires people to draw more. Hear how it feels to write a “real” book and to work with an editor, learn about Milo’s failsafe strategy to keeping his promises in 2013, and see how it all ends with the sudden appearance of a delicious Colombian breakfast.

The best 33 minutes you’ll ever spend with a podcast today!

Show Notes

  1. Mountain shores? Mountain shores?!? That just makes no sense at all. Mountain range was the word I was looking for. []


  1. Hi Fabian, really true, great 33 Minutes… I preordered the book shortly after I had fallen in love with Michals voice and accent after a few minutes :) Sounds really interesting, this book!

    As a switched macbooks I was forced to transfer my rss feeds into a rss reader – thanks to Moutain Lion – and therefore to really look at them – so I came across your current blog entry :)

    1. Hey Kerstin, good to read from you!

      Oh yes, Michael should be recording audio books or something, shouldn’t he? :)
      I’m a big fan myself and once you get the monthly access to Sustainably Creative, you’ll get short podcasts by him every morning.

      Happy to see you using RSS, too! :)

  2. What a lovely conversation. All of you thinking and sharing and describing and learning from each other, and no one pushing to be top dog or saying how someone else’s comment really reminded him of his own wonderfulness. Great content, too. More please!

    1. Thanks Laureen! Milo and Michael always remind me of the wonderfulness of the world overall and more specifically of the sustainably creative humans that inhabit it. ;)
      We will keep these podcasts going and hope to produce the next one with a bit less delay than this one.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about the delay, Fabian. I, for one, like hearing about your podcasts out of the blue- it seems all the better for the suspense, and reassures me that working at my own pace will not scare people away… at least if others are like me. :-) Keep up the great thoughts and joy-in-writing!

    1. Thank you Margaret, it’s so pleasant to be surrounded by people living life at their own pace. You’re absolutely right that the podcast fits in well with that philosophy, too! :)

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