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Chaps on Mac Returns

During a Hamburg trip last week, I took an hour to connect to Skype in order to chat with Milo and Michael about the latest Apple Developer Conference, WWDC. Even though Michael is now doing much of his work from a Google Chromebook, Milo isn’t sure about Eddie Cue’s embarrassing DJ set, and I preferred having a […]

Supermarkt Connections

Just to let you know, Milo and I had the opportunity to meet up once again with freelancing web designer and illustrator, Markus Freise, to interview him on our Mountain Shores podcast. While Milo was walking the mean streets of Edinburgh, we revisited the idea of a “League of Creative Minds”. We discussed virtual agencies, […]

Escapology with Wolves

Shocked about my own negligence, I just noticed that I not only owe you one, but two fresh Mountain Shores episodes. If you’re not subscribed to the podcast feed (yet), that would be an inexcusable omission. About time to fill you in… Lockpicking Imaginary Handcuffs (with Robert Wringham) In the most political conversation in Mountain […]

Imperfect Citizens

Resurfacing after a few months in my offline hideout, I met up with Milo to record a new episode of the Mountain Shores podcast. We discuss the beauty of creating in the real world, the importance of goals, and the improbabilities of me ever becoming a professional kite-surfer (despite my current involvement with Westend Surfing). […]

Persons of Interest

What’s the best way to break an (unannounced but deeply satisfying) blogging hiatus? After a month of reflection and planning (and hibernation), I thought it would be nice to pick things up where I left them back in 2013 (does anybody still remember that year?). So I met my two favorite blogging chaps Milo McLaughlin […]