Mountain Shores #10: Honesty and Hibernation

It has been a year now since Milo McLaughlin and I began recording a wee podcast. This week, we’ve arrived at the 10th episode of what came to be known as ‘Mountain Shores: The (Un)Productivity Podcast’. This episode features Christmas trees, decluttering advice, Billy Joel and the one and only Michael Nobbs from Sustainably Creative.… Continue reading Mountain Shores #10: Honesty and Hibernation

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Mountain Shores: The Lost Episode

The newest episode of the Mountain Shores podcast is here! Accompanied by some interesting background noises (including the clinking of whisky glasses and what might be traffic, a mountain storm, or alien interference), Milo and I met to talk about the importance of limiting how much we have on our plates if we want to… Continue reading Mountain Shores: The Lost Episode

Getting Geeky (and a bite-sized course about cake and blogging)

In the newest episode of our podcast, Milo and I meet up with Michael Nobbs to talk about vacations, our inner geek, and Amazon’s secret to making a profit from blogging. We also spill the beans about our upcoming bite-sized course, The C.A.K.E Method. We are building this course for those of you who’d like… Continue reading Getting Geeky (and a bite-sized course about cake and blogging)

Type Fast, Die Young!

I’m very happy to release a new episode of Mountain Shores! This time, an unsuspecting chat about the advantages of writing over wood-working turns into a full-fledged impromptu podcast. Milo McLaughlin and I talk about blogs as digital “total works of art”, the advantages of tiny offices, and micro-productivity. In a deep conversation on habits,… Continue reading Type Fast, Die Young!

Mountain Shores #5: Summer (Un)Productivity

I’m admittedly late with this, but our most recent episode of Mountain Shores went live last week! Leveraging our proverbial discipline, we gathered with the wonderful Michael Nobbs on one of the warmest days of the year (so far!) to chat about summer productivity, social media sabbaticals, schedules, sleep patterns and self-depletion. We talked about… Continue reading Mountain Shores #5: Summer (Un)Productivity