Mountain Shores #10: Honesty and Hibernation

It has been a year now since Milo McLaughlin and I began recording a wee podcast. This week, we’ve arrived at the 10th episode of what came to be known as ‘Mountain Shores: The (Un)Productivity Podcast’.

This episode features Christmas trees, decluttering advice, Billy Joel and the one and only Michael Nobbs from Sustainably Creative.

You can hear it below or can find it (and all of the previous episodes) at iTunes, Stitcher, or We recommend the latter, where you’ll also find the show notes and the brilliant ‘Morrissey ruins Christmas’ picture by Jim’ll Paint It that will help you understand Milo’s (fake) anti-Christmas attitude much better.

MoSho #10: Play in new window | Download


  1. Hey Fabian,

    Been digging through the archives and noticed that your/Milo/Michael’s style is quite similar to the podcast Back to Work. Have you heard of it?

    I greatly prefer yours, by the way. (Heard less than one episode of BtW before I was bored.)

    1. Radhika, that’s quite a compliment, thanks. Could you put this line in an iTunes review? Would be a great help! ;)

      We’re always trying to find a balance between giving us permission to ramble a bit and include stuff that’s useful/interesting for our listeners. Happy to hear it didn’t bore you so far!

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