Type Fast, Die Young!

I’m very happy to release a new episode of Mountain Shores! This time, an unsuspecting chat about the advantages of writing over wood-working turns into a full-fledged impromptu podcast.

Milo McLaughlin and I talk about blogs as digital “total works of art”, the advantages of tiny offices, and micro-productivity. In a deep conversation on habits, we are delighted to see how tiny changes in life can result in a whole new supporting structure that empowers us to do better creative work (and have more fun on the way of the blogging warrior).

Check out the whole thing here.

Still Fresh: Dave Ursillo on the Power of the Pen

And for those who haven’t yet subscribed to the podcast yet, here’s episode number 6, feat. very special guest Dave Ursillo. This one is all about the power of the pen as a tool for invitational leadership.

Covering the nuts and bolts of briefing your family with powerpoint presentations on your decision to quit your day job, we talk with Dave about how to explore the chaotic landscape of your mind, homesickness, the relationship between philosophy and creative practice, and finding home in writing.