8 Things I Learned From (Un)Organizing a Micro-Conference

In May, I met up with a small group of interesting people to hold a micro-conference on the topic of (un)productivity in a remote library in Wales. In all modesty, we called it the World (Un)Productivity Summit (WUPS). As I’m bad when it comes to doing live blogging or diary entries, I instead decided to… Continue reading 8 Things I Learned From (Un)Organizing a Micro-Conference

Join me for C.A.K.E.?

On our mission to make blogging fun again, Milo McLaughlin and I yesterday launched our first bize-sized online course: The C.A.K.E. Method was developed for blogging warriors, worriers and wannabes and is available now for the ridiculously cheap price of $19. Basically, we will teach you our method to brainstorm new content ideas, put them… Continue reading Join me for C.A.K.E.?

Type Fast, Die Young!

I’m very happy to release a new episode of Mountain Shores! This time, an unsuspecting chat about the advantages of writing over wood-working turns into a full-fledged impromptu podcast. Milo McLaughlin and I talk about blogs as digital “total works of art”, the advantages of tiny offices, and micro-productivity. In a deep conversation on habits,… Continue reading Type Fast, Die Young!

Join The International League of Creative Minds!

A few weeks ago, during covert communications between the UK and Germany, The International League of Creative Minds was formed. Up until now this information has been Classified and on a Need to Know Basis only. The mainstream media were not informed, nor were the Whitehouse. Information will continue to be transmitted at irregular intervals… Continue reading Join The International League of Creative Minds!