Join me for C.A.K.E.?

On our mission to make blogging fun again, Milo McLaughlin and I yesterday launched our first bize-sized online course: The C.A.K.E. Method was developed for blogging warriors, worriers and wannabes and is available now for the ridiculously cheap price of $19.

Basically, we will teach you our method to brainstorm new content ideas, put them into a plan of action, and then work with you live during a 3-hour “virtual co-working session” on October 22Sunday, October 20. (Sorry, I put a typo in there in the first version of this post!) That session will help you make enormous progress in little time: We’ll talk quickly about everybody’s goals, and then enter focus mode to work on our respective projects. At the end of the session, we’ll get together for a quick debrief, and then use the next couple of days to enhance our work.

If you’re interested, the reduced launch price ($19) is only available here until Thursday, 10pm BST (that would be 5pm ET).

Why so cheap?

The course will be available for the regular price of $39 for a few more days or until 10 spots are sold – whatever happens first. This isn’t so to create artificial scarcity: During this round, we will be working with all of you live, so we have to keep the numbers small in order to be able to dedicate enough time and energy to everybody who joins us.

It’s a test run and we’d like to get your input on how the method works. So you’re only paying for the materials we send to you by email, and we donate our time in order to work closely with you, but also to get your feedback. We think it’s a good deal for everybody.

Click here to read more or click here to buy. Would be great to have you on!