Mountain Shores: The Lost Episode

The newest episode of the Mountain Shores podcast is here! Accompanied by some interesting background noises (including the clinking of whisky glasses and what might be traffic, a mountain storm, or alien interference), Milo and I met to talk about the importance of limiting how much we have on our plates if we want to produce the goods.

We discuss balancing quality and quantity and growing organically when it comes to blogging. We also briefly reflect on the bite-sized success of our first ever joint course The C.A.K.E. Method – and happily announce that the doors are open now for the last time in 2013.

In order to work closely with you, we will only make ten new spots available. If you’d like to grab one of them, it would be a pleasure to have you! We’re getting this started on the day of the friendly anarchist birthday, so what better time could there be to have some C.A.K.E. with me?

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