Escapology with Wolves

Shocked about my own negligence, I just noticed that I not only owe you one, but two fresh Mountain Shores episodes. If you’re not subscribed to the podcast feed (yet), that would be an inexcusable omission.

About time to fill you in…

Lockpicking Imaginary Handcuffs (with Robert Wringham)

In the most political conversation in Mountain Shores history, we met up in a tapped cable somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in order to talk with comedian and writer Robert Wringham.

We chat about Harry Houdini, humor writing, self help, life traps, and winters in Montréal. A juicy discussion of escaping bullshit jobs and consumer culture leads us to the question of all questions: Is “the destruction of all life on earth” too big a sacrifice just to get new iPhones every year?

Listen in here.

Writing for Wolves (with Kaite Welsh)

In our most recent episode, we meet Kaite Welsh, freelance journalist and author (and self-described MoSho fangirl!) who recently moved back to Edinburgh to pursue her writing work full-time.

We discuss Kaite’s preparations that allowed her to leave her job, the advantages of strategic planning, weird press trips, and our rum (and music) preferences.

After a brief look into pitching, sex toy attacks, and dealing with “impostor syndrome”, we become Kaite fanboys when learning about her super productivity – that not only allowed her to read 80 books in 3 months, but also to make sense of them as the chair of the judges for the Green Carnation literary prize.

In the end, we all agree that doing something that doesn’t make us want to stab our eyes out is always a plus – and we reveal Kaite’s secret habit-forming weapon: “I want more gold so I can buy a wolf.”

Listen in here.