Imperfect Citizens

Westend Surfing
Resurfacing after a few months in my offline hideout, I met up with Milo to record a new episode of the Mountain Shores podcast. We discuss the beauty of creating in the real world, the importance of goals, and the improbabilities of me ever becoming a professional kite-surfer (despite my current involvement with Westend Surfing).

After a short interruption from a potential psychokiller, we touch on the issues of overworking for clients (perhaps leaving us with a boatload of money, but less time for our own work), public expectations, and the right balance between reflecting, reporting and actual, well, doing.

Click here to listen in right away or go and get all the audio links, show notes and my fresh David Hasselhoff look over on the MoSho blog.


    1. Hehe, thanks! It’s such a beautiful spot, you should come and visit before the summer leaves! :)

  1. What’s this? A new Mountain Shores? It must be my lucky day!

    Although, I have to say–I missed Michael. This episode felt a little short in comparison to the usual.

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