Rewriting GTD

David Cain discovers “an interesting fact about our to-do items: they often don’t really need to be done at all.” He goes on to explain why a complex system like Getting Things Done can be tough for members of the Idler’s Guild: Procrastinators and other people without a track-record of steady productivity will have trouble… Continue reading Rewriting GTD

Cliffhangers and Hangovers

As we prepare for the arrival of Bolon Yokte’ K’uh and the end-date of the 5125-year-long cycle in the Mayan Long Count calendar on December 21 (which might also be the end of the world as we know it), I met my good friend and accountability partner Milo McLaughlin to record a podcast “before it’s… Continue reading Cliffhangers and Hangovers

The “Do Whatever You Want” Approach to Getting Things Done

Time management is a great way to lose time. Instead of actually getting work done, we just dive into dozens of books, blogs, and talks on the topic, all created to make their respective authors richer and keep ourselves entertained. Over the years, I surely obtained a Master in Theoretical Productivity that way, dissecting the… Continue reading The “Do Whatever You Want” Approach to Getting Things Done

How To Become a Productive Night Owl

Looking at the beautiful Cartagena afternoon sky and getting run over by a truck would be a sweet form to die. That said, I’m glad I managed to escape the truck this time and will consider using the sidewalk for future sky appreciation. Maybe there was another reason for my distractedness, though, as I was… Continue reading How To Become a Productive Night Owl