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Pieces of Vienna

After last weeks post, a couple of people asked me to see some impressions of the wonderful city of Vienna, Austria. Obviously, I’m more than happy to share a couple of photos with you! As always, they are showing my personal vision (my “passion for light”) rather than the side of the city a marketing […]

How to Work (and Survive) in Vienna

Getting my creative work done while on the road will always be delightful and challenging at the same time: Every new place has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it always takes some time to find out about them. Having spent five weeks in Vienna now, I can honestly say that this is a great […]

Onto the Road

I just love my readers. I.e.: You! Last week, I wrote about how I understand productivity as empowerment, how I got started with TFA, and how the way led me to creating my first product for the site, Productive Anywhere. I offered to chat about it with Jonathan Mead, in order to give you a […]

Productivity as Empowerment

(No time to read? I’d like to create a free product on how to get work done while traveling the world. If that sounds like an interesting offer to you, please scroll down or sign up here!) After three months of exploring cities and forests, towns and villages, lakes and rivers in the interior of […]