There is No Path

“The path is made by walking,” is a common saying. So if you move into new directions and explore undiscovered territories, the story goes, you will have to create the path by yourself. There is another way to look at the path, though, and it’s helpful to meditate on that one when considering what happened… Continue reading There is No Path

Survey Love

As a former telephone pollster, I know one thing: We all love surveys! Seriously, I remember how delighted people were that my bosses considered them sufficiently stupid to not remember which car model they had bought only two weeks earlier. As a consequence, I had to read a large list of all the models the… Continue reading Survey Love

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Good Reads, Gunpowder Treason Edition

One year ago, The Friendly Anarchist went live with a short post remembering the gunpowder plot of 1605 and a speech from V, main character of the Hollywood movie V for Vendetta, based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel of the same name. It was a bit of a coincidence, but then, why not start a… Continue reading Good Reads, Gunpowder Treason Edition

Being Idle, In Practice

Dear Friendly Anarchist Sympathizers, to gain more credibility as an idler, I took some time off to spend in Outloggistan. While this will cost me subscribers and internet fame, I am doing well camping at -5 degrees Celsius in England, eating way too hot Thai curry in Cologne, and drinking the finest (though a little… Continue reading Being Idle, In Practice