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Early this morning, I had an appointment with the dentist. 8am, on January 2. What a nice way to begin the new year. I was worried I would have to get an inlay. Another dentist had discovered some caries and advised me to get it done just a month ago. But then, today’s dentist ((That’s […]

At Work – The Announcement

Have you ever met a super producer? Someone who builds, launches and ships product after product, with an ever-improving quality? Or have you admired the relaxed entrepreneurs, who build a small but lucrative business while having lots of time for their family and hobbies? How about the anywheres, the people I interviewed for my e-guide, […]

Sneak Peek: Bokehlist

I found myself working on my bucket list. I noticed it got rather long in two specific areas: Travel and photography. While I have slowed down a bit when it comes to distance, I’m probably traveling more than before right now, regionally and locally. Sometimes, I’m writing about it here. I don’t usually write about […]

Pieces of Berlin

Time is flying! I already left Berlin after five weeks or so – but wanted to share a couple of visual bits and pieces with you from my stay there. In other news, I am mostly writing on two things these days: Weird stuff that might become a proposal for a PhD thesis one day. […]

The Right to Remain Silent

It was quiet on The Friendly Anarchist since my book launch. After finishing the work, it somehow came natural to be silent for a while. During the last couple of weeks, though, there was something else to it: I wasn’t feeling at ease, and I wasn’t living tempo giusto – which is why I got […]