Sneak Peek: Bokehlist

I found myself working on my bucket list.

I noticed it got rather long in two specific areas: Travel and photography.

While I have slowed down a bit when it comes to distance, I’m probably traveling more than before right now, regionally and locally. Sometimes, I’m writing about it here.

I don’t usually write about photography, though.

Time for a change.

After some thought on it, I figured the photograophy part would probably fit best somewhere else. Not on Instagram, to be sure. Nor on Facebook. Not even on Flickr. I still prefer to have my creative play ((Why call it work, really?)) under my sovereignty. In my own house. Where exactly? In that new room I mentioned last week.

The new room is open now for you, being a regular reader of TFA. Paint’s still wet, there’s furniture and decoration missing, and some might even wonder what exactly that room is going to be about.

No worries, we’ll get that clear over the next few months.

For now, it’ll be about living an interesting life and taking good pictures while doing that.

Most of all, it’ll be about a passion for light.

Welcome, Bokehlist.

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