Pieces of Berlin

Time is flying! I already left Berlin after five weeks or so – but wanted to share a couple of visual bits and pieces with you from my stay there.

In other news, I am mostly writing on two things these days:

  1. Weird stuff that might become a proposal for a PhD thesis one day. I got seriously inspired after attending an international seminar on political theory here in Cologne, so these thoughts need to be processed. If nothing else, it should at least turn out to be useful for TFA in the long run!
  2. My first electronic guide! It’ll be all about getting things done in a smart and gentle way, while seeing the world. If you’re wondering about how to work on the road without missing out on your destinations, this will probably be your thing! More on this project soon – if you want to be the first to know be sure to sign up for Mails Beyond Rules!

Have a happy weekend, everybody!

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