Being Idle, In Practice

Dear Friendly Anarchist Sympathizers,

to gain more credibility as an idler, I took some time off to spend in Outloggistan. While this will cost me subscribers and internet fame, I am doing well camping at -5 degrees Celsius in England, eating way too hot Thai curry in Cologne, and drinking the finest (though a little too sweet) rum in the world.

I will be back with useful readings for you shortly – until then, feel free to take a walk and smoke one of them fine cigars. Oh, and get a copy of New Escapologst, issue 3 and read my musings in print and in the most beautiful typeface this side of the tropic of Cancer.

Warmest personal regards,


  1. Have a good time idling and wear warm clothes. I just ordered the 4 issues subscription and I am looking forward to see your words in print.

  2. Thanks for taking a break.

    My Macbook got put in shop, so I was forcefully braked. It was nice. Now I’ve made a goal to not read every single blog I love every single day and keep up commenting on every single individual post. Too much time; too much thinking.

    Now comments only go to posts that I really have something to say about. Internet fame be damned. I want real readers, not token fameseekers as I feel like I’ve been recently.

    So it looks like you get the main spotlight today. Thanks for the reinforcement.

  3. I want ALL the fameseekers, as long as they pay! ;)
    Seriously though, thanks, kemai and Tim, for passing by! Reducing the noise is a good thing, so I’m happy to stay on your list!

  4. Fabian – Have some good German beer for me!! I’m a fan of Hofbrau, although I’m sure that’s probably like Budweiser or Miller to Germans :)

    1. Nate, there are many different Hofbräus, but at least the “classic” version is really drinkable. If you can get it over there, try an Augustinerbräu Helles. Good stuff. :)

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