Survey Love

What’s next?As a former telephone pollster, I know one thing: We all love surveys! Seriously, I remember how delighted people were that my bosses considered them sufficiently stupid to not remember which car model they had bought only two weeks earlier.

As a consequence, I had to read a large list of all the models the respective car company was offering at that time to my interviewees – from subcompacts to SUVs. You can imagine that people were thrilled to spend their precious time like this, and I doubt they ever accepted doing another survey again.

Even better was the huge survey we did for a German department store chain. It was so “well” designed, that they obliged us to ask every contestant about his opinions on every single department, even if they had never visited it in the the first place. Asking 80-year old men about their thoughts on the lingery section was always great fun. A complete interview took about 45 minutes, and I would like to use this occasion to ask anybody for apologies who actually played the game until the end: You helped me pay my rent for the three months I worked with those idiots, before I managed to find a decent student job. I owe you a coffee!

Now, because of our inherent love for surveys, I decided I’d do one. It’s not a 45-minute department store marathon, mind you – and there will be no questions about your car model. It’s actually totally friendly anarchistic, and it will take you between 4 and 5 minutes (I just stopped it and it took me only 3; but then, I invented the questions).

What’s more, there’s a free bonus: If you nice people answer my questions, I will answer yours. And provide you with a bucketload of new and interesting content here on the site during the upcoming months. I have almost a hundred post ideas outlined, and those would take me about two years to write and publish. So I’d like to prioritize!

Thus, I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to answer my questions here. (I’ll owe you a coffee, too!)

(The survey is now closed. Thanks to all participants!)