The Problem of Perception

Are we living progress, regress, or are only minutiae changing, while the important things just stay the same?

To give just one example: When it comes to the questionable “discovery” of lifestyle design, most people on this planet just don’t know about it and live their life as if nothing was happening.

But what about the people who know?
While some of us will think about the internet, the opportunities of passive income and outsourcing, location independence and cheap airfares, and about the importance of personal branding and commitment in the 21st century, others will think of government and corporate surveillance structures, exploitation and missing job security, the destruction of nature and an ever-growing egocentrism.

Both views are true.

In a broader context, the question, then, is threefold:
1) How can we leverage the positive developments of our times without underestimating the negative ones?
2) In which areas our perception of the world is so selective and blurred that we cannot really decide upon which developments are the positive ones?
3) How can we be open to other people’s perceptions in a way that doesn’t jeopardize our own integrity?

And a free bonus question: How can we reach out to the majority not knowing about the developments and be part of the solution instead of the problem?

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