How to Disappear

If you search the internet for information on “how to disappear”, you will enter a whole new world. You’ll find husbands fleeing their wives, defrauders absconding from justice, spendthrifts taking flight from the burden of debt. There are entire communities dedicated to discussing which Caribbean tax system is the best, how to get a cheap… Continue reading How to Disappear

“It’s all about Creating Opportunities” (Interview with Pieter D.)

I am very happy to present you the first Friendly Anarchistic Interview with Belgium employee, politician, entrepreneur, social activist and hardcore vacationer Pieter D.! I met Pieter earlier this year during my Amazon trip, and was fascinated by his strategies to reduce unpleasant work and maximize time for his personal projects and travels. As opposed… Continue reading “It’s all about Creating Opportunities” (Interview with Pieter D.)