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How to Make Change Real

How is that icicle in Columbus doing? Did it grow? Did it melt? Whatever you personal icicle is, take a moment to look at it. Look at the situation you find yourself in. Look at your job (or your unemployment), look at your relationships, at your friends, at your hobbies. Look at your talents, your […]

The Voyage Never Ends

“What does travel mean to you?” A question we all get asked from time to time, if we’ve spent some time on the road, living location-independently, as a backpacker, digital nomad, long-term traveler, or whatever you like to call it. For me, the difficulties in finding an answer to this question begin already when it […]

9 Things I Learned as a Frugal Traveler

1. Consider Your Options People want us to believe that time is money. This is nonsense, of course. Time is not money. Time is life. That said, there are whole industries based on this false assumption, and you’ll necessarily meet people involved in them during your travels. You can be the most relaxed person on […]

How to Live Life at Your Own Pace (Part 4): Travel

We tend to think that all we deserve is two weeks of vacation in a nice hotel complex down South each year. No matter if we’re entrepreneurs, regular employees, or pro-bloggers. Actually, most pro-bloggers don’t even think they deserve that. And when it comes to business trips or location independence, many of us stress out, […]

Localism and Location Independence

While traveling through Europe during the last weeks, getting invited to warm beer in England and cold sausages in Austria, a question came to my mind: If we live location-independently and travel around a lot, is it still possible to be part of local communties? Hint: Expat meetings are not part of local communties. Why […]