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Make 2012 Your Independence Year

You know I’m not the guy for excessive marketing and frivolous promotions, but whenever my friend and teacher Jonathan launches something, I have to let you know – because it’s worth it! His newest program is called Trailblazer, and it’s like Paid To Exist on steroids. I had the chance to check out the first […]

Interview with Jonathan Mead on Getting Paid to Exist

This was probably the first time that Jonathan Mead got interviewed while a tropical thunderstorm was going on in the background. The result: No electricity in my barrio (3G wireless plus a fully charged laptop battery saved the day!), three dropped calls, a tiny little bit of white noise, and a lot of fun. This […]

The End of Fake Productivity: Review of The Dojo by Jonathan Mead and Charlie Gilkey

When Japanese martial artists want to deepen their knowledge, learn new techniques, and advance their skills, they gather in a training center, the dojo. Both avid martial artists themselves, Jonathan Mead from Illuminated Mind and Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing, joined forces to transfer this image of the dojo into the world of productivity. The Dojo […]