Make 2012 Your Independence Year

You know I’m not the guy for excessive marketing and frivolous promotions, but whenever my friend and teacher Jonathan launches something, I have to let you know – because it’s worth it!

His newest program is called Trailblazer, and it’s like Paid To Exist on steroids. I had the chance to check out the first run of it last year and must admit that I was impressed by what Jonathan has built – and by what the members have achieved so far! (I was so lucky to stay in touch with several of them ever since, so this isn’t just idle talk!)

Jonathan’s lessons are a good mix of concrete concepts, motivational advice and the occasional kick in the pants. And I wouldn’t stretch it by saying that his expertise in building passion businesses has been proven again and again. You’ll be on training together with a group of like-minded peers to exchange thoughts and strategies and get feedback on your product ideas. What’s even better, Jonathan will join you on the phone once a week to discuss any further questions and really help you build momentum.

All in all, it’s a great offer. While Trailblazer isn’t cheap, you get the guarantee of making $1000 from your new product or service! I can vouch for Jonathan, as I know and have worked with him ever since 2009. If you buy a copy using my link, I will get a commission that helps me keep The Friendly Anarchist going. I’d appreciate it immensely!

Go and check Trailblazer out here.

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