Kind Beyond Rules

Here’s the Beyond Rules approach to life: You can do whatever you want, as long as it makes someone else’s life a little better. Kurt Vonnegut said it best: “There’s only one rule I know of: goddamn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

One simple fact: The world is what we make it.
One simple choice: Why trade in arms – when there is chocolate?
One simple rule: Be kind. (Goddamn it!)
One simple plan: Today, a little better than yesterday.

Read the complete How-to for making this plan real over at Amanda’s wonderful Kind Over Matter blog, where I was happy to publish this guest post! (Thanks for having me, Amanda!)

In other news, the 2011 Europe trip is coming along nicely and totally tempo giusto. After a couple of weeks near Hamburg, I will now continue to the Baltic Sea and visit Lübeck, before heading to Berlin to stay there during June. Let me know if you are around and would like to meet up!

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