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Happy Beyond Rules Day 2014!

You need to get a job. You need to take your anti-depressants. You need to have six-figure income. You need to marry a beautiful spouse. You need to perform flawlessly. You need to look like the TV starlets. You need to drive a bigger car than your neighbor. You need to be fit as a […]

How to Live 100 Years

Psst, today is Beyond Rules Day! Go to Amazon and grab a free copy of my first book! (Details at the bottom of this post.) Here’s the story of a lung cancer patient who was given six months to live and decided to go to his native Greek island to die: Six months came and […]

Un-Dumbing Education

During the last two months, I spent most of my working time marking almost 600 short essays written by students of Political Theory and the History of Ideas at Cologne university. (Hence, the silence.) It was quite a bit more work than expected, payment was meagre, yet it was an interesting opportunity to get an […]

Easter Beyond Rules

To those of you of Christian faith (or otherwise enjoying a few days off), Happy Easter. Make this a friendly anarchistic holiday by grabbing a copy of the totally revised edition of Beyond Rules for Kindle (MOBI) and EPUB readers. It’s available right now at Karol Gajda’s amazing new ebook store, OnlyIndie. I’m honored to […]

Beyond Rules Update

A quick update for those of you waiting for the new edition of Beyond Rules: The opening of Karol’s OnlyIndie store had to be delayed a bit, as some unforeseen issues turned up. That’s how development projects go – but nonetheless, the store should now launch on Thursday, April 5. Beyond Rules is already in […]