Easter Beyond Rules

To those of you of Christian faith (or otherwise enjoying a few days off), Happy Easter. Make this a friendly anarchistic holiday by grabbing a copy of the totally revised edition of Beyond Rules for Kindle (MOBI) and EPUB readers. It’s available right now at Karol Gajda’s amazing new ebook store, OnlyIndie. I’m honored to see it is currently even featured right at the top of the homepage!

Prices rise and fall with the demand. Currently, you can get a copy for a mere 22 pence.

If you prefer Amazon, it’s available over there as well, for the full price of $2.99.


    1. Hey Ben, unfortunately the new edition isn’t available in PDF format at the moment. I may create one with the next edition, but that won’t probably be anytime before 2013. That said, it’s totally possible to read this edition with a MOBI/EPUB reader on desktops, like for example the Amazon Kindle app!

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