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Pieces of Berlin

Time is flying! I already left Berlin after five weeks or so – but wanted to share a couple of visual bits and pieces with you from my stay there. In other news, I am mostly writing on two things these days: Weird stuff that might become a proposal for a PhD thesis one day. […]

There’s No Internet in Europe

There’s no internet in Europe! People here still drive around exclusively in horse carriages. And they speak Latin! I had to send this post by snail mail to India, where my not-so virtual assistant transcribed and posted it to my blog! I took a vow of silence! It’s a spiritual thing. I can talk and […]

Good Reads, Winter Season Edition

Winter is beautiful – on photos. That’s what I thought when I heard that it snowed for the first time this winter in the city where my parents live. A good reason to stay in the Caribbean for sure (despite the rain here). But also a good reason to look into my archives and find […]

Caribbean Currents – A Photo Update

It has been a while since the first friendly anarchistic picture post, A Passion for Light. But photography continues to be an important part of my life. Here is an update with new visuals from Cartagena and the Caribbean. A small distraction from your workday. I hope you enjoy it!

A Passion for Light

Dear reader, if you encounter this text without further notice, my travels around Europe didn’t allow me to write any Idle Musing for you today. As I had been wanting to write about my passion for light for quite some time already (and never did), I thought these photos might be a nice substitute. If […]