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  1. Nate September 21, 2010

    Fabian – thanks for sharing! It’s wonderful to see beautiful photos of the place where you live.

  2. Tom September 22, 2010

    Very nice, reminds me of the days when I used to do analog b/w photography with my Dynax 7000i back in the 80s. Contrast-wise nothing really comes close to shooting on actual b/w film, so much detail, even in the darkest corner of the image. With digital those details tend to drown in black, although things have definitely improved in the last couple of years.

    Would you care to share what gear you used and how you tweaked the photos (if you did)?

    • Fabian September 22, 2010

      Hey Tom, thanks for your comment! I agree with you that film is still unmatched when it comes to dynamic range. Unfortunately, labs are bad or quite expensive here in Colombia, so I mostly shoot digital nowadays. These photos were taken with a small sensor compact, a Ricoh GRD2, and then converted into b/w in Lightroom. I did some rather heavy editing on the contrasts, vignetting, and curves.

      • Tom September 22, 2010

        Yeah, labs really aren’t the way to go anymore. No creative control and cost is almost prohibitive. I shot some pics of my dog the other day and racked up 300 exposures in roughly an hour. With physical film that simply wouldn’t be possible.

        Nice work with Lightroom, though. I’m looking forward to doing some work with Aperture, which I just ordered. It was time for a step up from iPhoto ;)

        • Fabian September 22, 2010

          Have heard good things about the last release of Aperture, though it’s probably still a bit slower than LR. That would be my main problem with it.
          As for film, we all need our own darkrooms… if it wasn’t so complicated! ;)

    • Fabian September 22, 2010

      Go for it! Hope you got film and a good lab (darkroom?) around, so you don’t have to merely convert it like I did! ;)

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