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What a Coffee Salesman taught me about Walking the Walk

Visiting the beautiful city of Cartagena, you’ll quickly see these busy-looking men walking around the streets with a bunch of thermos jugs. When they are moving, they’ll generally walk a tad faster than usual. Some of them whistle. Some of them shout. Some of them just mumble. A few of them don’t even say anything […]

Hub Travel: The Anti-Hacker’s Guide to Seeing the World Without Stressing Out, Going Broke or Losing Your Mind

I am always impressed and a little jealous when I see travel hackers outline the way they organize their trips around the world. A recent example was this über-post on how to organize an international adventure. Tyler covers it all: From budgeting your trip and earning airline miles to hiring tour guides the smart way. […]

Caribbean Currents – A Photo Update

It has been a while since the first friendly anarchistic picture post, A Passion for Light. But photography continues to be an important part of my life. Here is an update with new visuals from Cartagena and the Caribbean. A small distraction from your workday. I hope you enjoy it!

How low can you go?

For the last year or so, I have been living on a monthly budget of 200 dollars or less. If I talk about this to friends living in the US or Europe, they will feel pity for me about having such a bad time. The thing is, 200 dollars is more than enough, thanks to […]