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What will you bring?

Over the last few months, I probably spent too much time at nursing homes. I finally understood why my grandmother had always been so reluctant to go there, as even the best of these places are nothing but fading photocopies of what any comfortable and comforting home on Earth could possibly look like. It made […]

Start to Care

Interesting thought by Ran Prieur on social class in the future: ((Most of Ran’s blog entries don’t have a permalink. You can find the relevant passages in his posts from November 28 and 29.)) Social class will no longer be about power or even standard of living, but valuable activity. The upper class will hold […]

The Digital Boheme

If you ask Holm Friebe and Sascha Lobo, the digital Boheme can be found sipping caramel macchiatos at your local Starbucks. Instead of cudgeling their brains about how to make a living with their art, these new Bohemians just log into Facebook or LinkedIn and get a temporary job or a client’s commission in order […]

Barbecue Laws

An interesting excerpt from the (excellent) book Willpower by Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney: In nineteenth-century America […] there was a social convention called the “barbecue law,” which meant that all the men who gathered for a barbecue were expected to drink until they were soused. To refuse a drink entailed a serious insult […]