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Invent a New Drink

Booze and its effects have been present in our lives since the dawn of humanity. As Wikipedia knows, “drinking is documented in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, in the Qur’an, in art history, in Greek and Roman literature as old as Homer, and in Confucius’s Analects”. To keep this venerable tradition alive, I’d like to […]

Café, Bar, Bistro

Choose one: A café, a bar, or a bistro. Where would you like to go in this very moment? Now think of these places called Thursday or Luigi’s or Black Rose with a byline stating “Café – Bistro – Bar”. I’m rarely tempted to visit any of those. Here’s the thing: If you’re smart, you […]

The Digital Boheme

If you ask Holm Friebe and Sascha Lobo, the digital Boheme can be found sipping caramel macchiatos at your local Starbucks. Instead of cudgeling their brains about how to make a living with their art, these new Bohemians just log into Facebook or LinkedIn and get a temporary job or a client’s commission in order […]

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

“Better safe than sorry”? Thoughts on CEOs and intuition, false expectations of security, change, and our moral obligation to live up to our human potential. And then, 13 friendly anarchistic pointers to fix the world. Have you ever seen Steve Jobs’ commencement address in Stanford? It’s basically the world’s most valuable CEO advocating to follow […]

Deliberately Dilettante

There certainly is a case to be made for experts. When it comes to heart surgery, I absolutely want the doctor to be a specialist, an expert, and to know what he’s doing. I wouldn’t want to have it done by a heart surgery enthusiast that discusses days and nights in online bulletin boards about […]